A Step by Step Guide to Preparing for Divorce

Your “I do” has turned into “I don’t.” When you walked down the aisle, you envisioned a life of permanent marital bliss, but reality has not been so kind. It is now time to end your marriage. You want a divorce, but how do you go about actually preparing for this huge life change? In this article, we’ve pulled together some of our best pre-divorce prep articles. With this divorce preparation guide in hand, you’ll know what to expect so you can power through your divorce and come out the other end stronger, better, and ready for the next chapter in your life. You’re Going to Need Money You may think that the first step to getting a divorce is to file a petition with the court. Nope! As long a

Divorce Mediation- An Alternative to High-Cost Litigation

Question: My husband and I are discussing divorce, but we are both afraid that once we get involved in the legal system, it will be very costly and we will lose control of the process. Do you think that mediation would work for us? Answer: We asked Genell Greenberg, MSW, who is an experienced divorce mediator and family law attorney, to provide the following information about mediation: Divorce mediation is an alternative to the contested, adversarial divorce traditionally litigated in court. It is a confidential, voluntary process in which one or two trained professionals, acting as facilitators, help a couple to negotiate the terms of their divorce. The mediator assists the parties in gath

Why Your Friend's Divorce Took Two Years

As hard as it is to admit, you know that your marriage is heading toward divorce. As the realization sets in, it’s time to start planning how to get through this thing and on to the next chapter of your life. You probably have tons of questions, such as how much is it going to cost? How long will it take? You don’t have to look far to find a nightmare divorce story among your friends. We all have that friend who seemed to be going through a divorce FOR-EV-ER. Seriously, it took her TWO YEARS and $100,000 in attorney’s fees to finally put her marriage to rest. Is that your fate? Should you just buckle up for a two-year stint in divorce purgatory? In one word: No! Many divorces can be wrapped

Here are 21 Tips That Can Help You Be an Amazing Parent After Divorce

Here Are 21 Tips That Can Help You Be An Amazing Parent After A Divorce You Are Amazing Let’s face it, raising your kids after a divorce isn’t easy. You constantly worry how the divorce will affect them. You wonder if you did the right thing. And, co-parenting is not a walk in the park. Try to remain positive, and remember that you can be an amazing parent after a divorce. The divorce rate is nearly 50%. This means, you aren’t alone and you aren’t ruining your kids life. As a matter of fact, studies show children growing up in a high conflict home are actually more unhappy than children of divorce. If you are Christian, this can be a hard one to swallow. If you strive to put your kids first,


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