Now is the time to start preparing for a new/better job

We’d like to believe that when it comes to life, work, and family that men and women have reached something nearing equality. Not so. According to the Pew Research Center, in 2012, 84% of stay-at-home parents were women. Likewise, women are far more likely not to work or to work part-time than men even if the couple doesn’t have children. There is absolutely nothing wrong with a woman choosing not to work in order to raise her children or to pursue other passions, except when she and her husband get divorced. At this point, a woman who has been out of the workforce (or never joined it!) can find her professional skill set and network significantly degraded. This can be especially harrowing i

5 Easy Ways to be a Fantastic Parent While Going Through Divorce

I’m sure by now, you know parenting isn’t always as easy as it looks. I think what is most important is that you realize that you don’t have to be perfect. All good parents make mistakes. What’s important is that you learn from your mistakes, and repair after them. Over the years I’ve worked with many children. What I hear parents say the most, is that they want their child to be happy and grow up to be a responsible adult. Many parents are worried that their child is too stressed out, and doesn’t have the tools to cope. Children learn by observing their parents. They really do want to please their parents. Going through a divorce is stressful on everyone. Remember, your child isn’t getting

Should you consider a separation instead of a divorce?

Not every marriage ends with an epic fight and an eternal hatred for one another that can never be quenched. In certain cases, a marriage can just quietly wither until one spouse (usually the woman) simply decides that she would be happier on her own. This is especially true of “gray divorces,” divorces that take place among couples 50 and older. In 2014, sociologists Susan L. Brown and I-Fen Lin from Bowling Green State University released a report that showed that one in four divorces in the United States was occurring among couples 50 years of age or older. Over half of the marriages had lasted for more than 20 years! Brown further discovered that “many of the marriages that had dissolved

Thinking of a Divorce? Make Sure You Can Access Cash!

As soon as you begin divorce proceedings, things can move quickly, and you won’t always be able to predict how your spouse will react. If your spouse is in charge of your family’s finances or even has access to joint accounts, you could find yourself suddenly cut off from your money! Do not put yourself in a position where you will need to rely on your spurned spouse for money or where your spouse could use the threat of turning off the money tap as a negotiation tactic. Empower yourself by making sure you have access to money before your divorce that you can use to: Move out if you need to Support yourself during the divorce Hire a divorce attorney Pay divorce-related court costs How to Bui


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