Financial Empowerment

Financial empowerment starts and end with you. But having a guide, someone to help you navigate and maximize a very meaningful life transition, will help you reach your goals more quickly.  

I work closely with clients to manage their wealth efficiently. 


Mark Flowers, CFP®, CFDA™

Financial Planner / Wealth Manager

Second Saturday Leader

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My financial planning process starts with goal setting. Once we've set those goals, we can use the information collected during your divorce to implement a plan to maximize those goals. We consistently need to revisit this plan for tax efficiency, long term viability, and life changes.

Click the image below to view the video: Once upon a goal

One you've set those goals, it's important to stay the course

Click the image below to view the video: Acres of Diamonds

Acres of Diamonds.png

Diversification can offer a great remedy for the volatility of stock markets

Click the image below to view the video: Decoding Diversification

Decoding Diversification.png

The Fed plays an important role in how domestic markets are perceived

Click the image below to view the video: The Fed and How it Got That Way

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Our economy expands and contracts all the time. Prudent investing takes the business cycle into account when asset allocating. 

Click the image below to view the video: The Business Cycle

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