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B/A Business Administration- Vanguard University

Certified Financial Planner™

Certified Divorce Financial Analyst™

40 hour basic mediation training

Mark Flowers


My philosophy 

I am firmly dedicated to financial literacy for women, especially in divorce. Our professionals believe deeply that our community needs clarity around the confusing divorce process. Not just legally, but emotionally, and financially. 

The financial planning process is incredibly useful before, during, and post-divorce.  Having a plan, having goals, from the onset will allow you to negotiate a settlement that will create a sustainable lifestyle for you and your family post divorce.

Divorce will likely be the largest financial transaction you make in your life. Now is the time to advocate for your fair share.

How I work with you

Many clients end their marriage with investments that need to be managed. I take an educational and collaborative approach throughout the process to help you understand financial concepts and manage your wealth efficiently.


Investment success comes by being a patient, long term investor, committed to both diversification and discipline to achieve both asset growth, and asset protection. 

My personal story

I am originally from the San Francisco Peninsula, and am a proud alumnus of Serra High School. As a young child, my parents were divorced and I grew up in a single parent parent family. Our core family was my mother, sister, and grandmother (even our pets!) were women. I am now married, have two daughters, and still have female pets! So being around women is comfortable for me. My mother was (and still is) very hard working, intelligent, and strong. But women of her generation were not given the financial skills to navigate life's curveballs. I realized at a young age that I didn't have the same resources that others did, and I needed to be more mature and focused. My passion for divorce financial planning comes from our personal experience of getting from fear, anxiety, and chaos (i.e. divorce aftermath) to a thriving financial and personal life that we had envisioned, but never, never, ever, thought possible. 

My financial planning services can be used:


Before divorce


How I can help:​

  1. Provide guidance for efficient data gathering 

  2. Establish a separate financial identity

  3. Income and expense analysis

  4. Financial Independence coaching

  5. Preparation to transition financially- be sure a plan is in place

During divorce

Practice areas of interest:

  1. Past and current cash flow analysis relevant to the marital standard of living and child and spousal support calculations

  2. Marital estate settlement options analysis (Pre and Post Tax)

  3. Stock options valuation

  4. Pension valuation

  5. Separate and community property interest valuations

  6. Assistance with QDRO preparation

  7. Financial Mediation Assistance- If parties are cooperative, asset values can be mutually agreed upon.

After divorce

Practice areas of interest:

  1. Setting relevant financial goals and implementing them

  2. Cash flow analysis and budget management

  3. Tax efficiency planning 

  4. Retirement planning

  5. Asset Allocation and Investment Management

  6. Estate planning

  7. Monitoring and changing beneficiaries


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