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Book your 1 hour meeting now
Schedule at Calendly and download the Financial Organizer

Working with a divorce financial planner can significantly streamline the divorce process and put you on a more direct path to a sustainable financial future.

This initial meeting is at no cost.


Divorce Related Consultations

During the divorce process I provide hourly consultations to help you:

  1. Gather relevant information 

  2. Establish financial independence 

  3. Provide financial coaching

  4. Understand marital and separate property valuations 

  5. Provide settlement proposals based on your goals

  6. Understand the child and spousal support landscape

  7. Complete relevant financial disclosures for attorney review 

I am able to work with individuals and couples, as part of an attorney team, or as an alternative to the traditional divorce process. 

We will further discuss costs at our initial meeting. 

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