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Thank you so much for being a part of our community. When divorce is inevitable, making the right decisions is critical. Our group of professionals work specifically with divorcing women. We are divorce financial planners, family law attorneys, and therapists who are your trusted resource for professional divorce financial, legal, and emotional services.   


Our intention with Second Saturday has always been to create a community where women can feel free to express thoughts, concerns, strategies and success stories. Below are some resources I hope will be useful to you. 

Mark Flowers

Second Saturday Leader- Divorce Financial Planner


Other Resources


Video presentations on divorce related topics


View content relevant to your divorce


Community Resources


Family Law Self Help - San Mateo County

Provides free services to those who do not have attorneys


Help for those affected by intimate partner abuse.

Bay Area Legal Aid

Legal assistance for low income families

Financial Empowerment

We encourage empowerment and financial independence through education. Knowledge alleviates fear. 

View more 

Workshop Handouts

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Action Steps

Copies of signed tax returns can be obtained directly from the IRS using form 4506-T 

 Click here for that form. 

A free consolidated credit report (all three major bureaus) can be obtained once per year.

Click here for the website.

Gathering account statements DIRECTLY from the custodian. 

Establishing her to own credit card account(s) and personal bank account(s)

Click here to visit my personal favorite credit union!

Our Professionals

Ready to advocate for you.

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