Debby Simmons


Debby is the clinical director of Primrose Healing and Wellness. Debby has been a licensed psychotherapist and an educator for many years. Her compassion for clients along with her strong clinical skills are strengths that clients will see. She has had extensive experience working with individuals, couples, and families.  


Debby has a special interest in working with couples.  She helps couples who are struggling with their relationship to decide if they want to make it work or end the relationship.  She works from a communications model.  She evaluates the communication in the relationship and teaches couples new ways to communicate.  Whether a couple wants to work on the relationship or to end it they need strong communication skills to help them problem solve and make decisions.  If couples decide to end the relationship she helps them to mediate this process. 


She also helps couples with co-parenting.

Fab Slama 


I’m Dr. Fabienne Slama. You can call me Fab. After getting a divorce from a 20-year marriage and never having earned a living for myself, I bounced back on my feet in less than 3 months, built my company from zero to 6 figures in less than 3 years, published two books and helped over 1000 clients reinvent themselves. Today, I help people who have been bullied by life and are doubting their potential to change their patterns, heal family trauma and reconnect with the FabYOUlicious part of themselves so they can manifest the success they desire

Jamie Holden


For the past 25 years, Jamie has worked closely with children/teens, individuals and couples/families in an educational and therapeutic setting. As a licensed Marriage & Family therapist, Jamie has worked with many clients who struggle with anxiety, depression, relationships challenges and life transitions. She has spent years teaching parenting classes in the surrounding communities hoping to foster positive parenting techniques. She has first hand experience dealing with an aging parent and the impact that situation has on the entire family dynamics.


Jamie has experience working with a wide variety of socio-economic backgrounds and is aware of the different types of stresses and pressure individuals and families face.

Jamie has been married for 32 years and has three grown children.

Mabel Yiu


I started this practice with the goal of helping women and girls who are experiencing anxiety and depression, relationships issues, school and careers concerns.  Over time, I have recruited clinicians who are also very passionate about this cause and can understand what our clients are going through.  We have personally experienced with depression, anxiety, work stress, motherhood stress, and more. We have stared our up-and-downs in the face, and have triumphed over many challenges. Our experiences propel us to find solutions for ourselves and other women in similar journeys. At Women’s Therapy Institute, we understand that women and girls are wired and raised differently than men, and therefore handle anxiety, depression, relationships, and career stress a little differently.

Mary Ellen Lemieux


Michele Fabrega

Love and Relationship Coach

Michele Fabrega is a Love and Relationship Coach and certified mediator. She delights in helping individuals and couples who are struggling in their relationships find the connection and intimacy they desire. Often, this includes supporting people to develop more self-awareness, self-compassion and skillful communication. Sometimes it involves supporting a client to decide whether to end a relationship and if so, to move through the separation process with as much ease and grace as possible so as to pave the way for their next chapter.


Michele is the mother of two teenagers, happily divorced and happily re-partnered, living the dream with ease and passion. She enjoys dancing and hiking.


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