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" The Secret of Change is to Focus All of Your Energy,

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Mark Flowers


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Working with a divorce financial planner can significantly streamline the divorce process and put you on a more direct path to a sustainable financial future.

Divorce Related Consultations

During the divorce process I provide hourly consultations to help you:

  1. Gather relevant information 

  2. Establish financial independence 

  3. Provide financial coaching

  4. Understand marital and separate property valuations 

  5. Provide settlement proposals based on your goals

  6. Understand the child and spousal support landscape

  7. Complete relevant financial disclosures for attorney review 

I am able to work with individuals and couples, as part of an attorney team, or as an alternative to the traditional divorce process. 

All or some of the listed services are provided at an hourly rate.

Cost: $250 per hour

Wealth Management Related Services

I am proud to work with clients in a more holistic capacity after the divorce is completed. In fact, it's where we are able to make the most progress because we build upon the information we have gathered during the divorce process, and implement strategies to accelerate an inspired transition into the next phase of your life. 

Wealth management combines financial planning and investment management. With that said, I believe that financial planning is integral to investment management. The recommendation of any financial solution or product requires the full understanding of a client’s financial universe. Therefore full financial planning is included in the fees I charge. The complexity of financial planning increases with wealth but only to a certain point. Thereafter additional assets require no additional planning but still require management. With this in mind my fees are reduced substantially at this point to reflect the degree of management required.

Cost: Asset under Management Fee (AUM). I charge 1.18% annually for the assets I manage. The cost will incrementally reduce based on larger account sizes. The suggested minimum relationship is $500,000, but exceptions can be made on a case by case basis. 

There are a number of studies that attempt to quantify the benefit of working with a financial advisor. Vanguard calculates an advisors 'alpha', the added benefit of working with a financial advisor. Their research shows an advisor adding 4% a year, therefore after fees of 1% this is a net gain of 3%. Morningstar calculates a 'gamma'. This figure takes into account more areas that an advisor has impact and compares the outcome to what a 'naive' investor would do. Morningstar's gamma calculates that an investor using an advisor would have a higher income of between 22% and 31% depending on the extent of the advice given. You can view that report here.

A detailed description of wealth planning services:

Financial Planning

The heart of what I offer my clients is client focused financial planning. Each client's financial plan is unique to them and centered around their goals and objectives. There are no boxes to fit into, rather I provide a road map of how to get from where you are now to your own individual destination. This road map provides guidance while navigating retirement. It also helps to reduce the effects of unforeseen circumstances that may derail your plan.

Investment Management

I evaluate my clients risk tolerance, time horizon and investment purposes and then recommend a suitable asset allocation. I then monitor those investment choices and make suitable changes when necessary.

I am able to offer exposure to traditional and non-traditional assets including stocks, bonds, mutual funds, ETF's and commodities as well as different management techniques from traditional strategic, buy-and-hold type of investments to active, tactical management and goal-based techniques.

Financial Risk Management

An important part of any financial plan is identifying the potential risks and putting strategies in place to mitigate those risks. During retirement, financial risks grow tremendously to include market risk, inflation risk, longevity risk and health risk. I work to provide strategies and solutions to either avoid or reduce those risks, so that retirement can be a time of relaxation and enjoyment, not anxiety.


Value added services

As each client is a unique individual and not a number I restrict the number of clients I work with at any time so that I am able to get to know each client thoroughly and therefore provide additional services that enhance their future financial outcome.

  1. Fiduciary responsibility. I have fiduciary responsibility for all my clients, which means I always put my clients first. The solution I recommend will not only be suitable it will also be in the best interest of my client.

  2. Behavioral coaching. According to the DALBAR report, the S&P500 has returned 8.2% per year over the last 20 years but the average investor in the index has only seen a 4.7% return. The difference is due to the emotions that come with investing and the tendency to buy high and sell low. We tend to become fearful at the bottom of the market and sell out, and only become comfortable at the top and want to get back in again. The biggest advantage an advisor can provide is to help remove the emotions from investing.

  3. Tax efficiency. Tax efficiency refers to both the after tax returns of a particular investment and a wise withdrawal strategy, knowing which assets to spend first and how much to spend of each type. There are some investments that should only be placed in a qualified account, such as an IRA, due to the high tax cost. These investments look good in your performance report but after filing your taxes you will wonder where your money went. I work with my clients CPA's or tax advisors and always endeavor to be as tax efficient as possible.

  4. Risk management. There are many ways to reduce the risk in a financial plan. This is particularly important in retirement when the nest egg cannot be topped up. Knowing the different solutions available and the pros and cons of each is invaluable to effective risk management.

  5. Financial Product Knowledge. Financial products change every year. Insurance products and annuities are constantly evolving and allow you to do more to achieve your financial goals. As tax laws change so do products. Knowing what is available and how it can help you achieve your goals can make a large difference in your financial outcome. My research is ongoing through conferences, webinars, continuing education and product training. I continue to monitor for new solutions, or problems, potentially facing my clients.

  6. Estate planning. The 3 corners of a successful financial plan include tax planning, retirement planning and estate planning. I will therefore work closely with my client's attorneys to ensure that everyone is on the same page to achieve the optimal outcome for our clients.

  7. Client Education. Finances can be stressful and so I believe that complicated concepts should be explained in easy to understand language with no jargon and no surprises. I believe that clients will only be happy with their financial plans and financial products if they understand them and agree with them. I pride myself in being able to explain the most complex concepts in plain English.

  8. Continual Monitoring of Investments and Financial Plan. Investment allocation and financial planning are not once off events. They should be continual because you change and the financial world changes, and you need to be able to respond to those changes.

  9. Monitoring for Diminished Capacity or Abuse. We all get older and 1 in 3 people die with dementia. Clients and their accounts are monitored for reduced capacity or undue influence. There is, therefore, another set of eyes on your financial wellbeing.

  10. Online Access and Technology. I work with some of the leaders in financial technology and therefore you will always have 24hr access to your accounts. In addition you will have online access to your financial plan which will allow you to see how your financial decisions will affect your plan.

  11. Financial Sounding Board. Sometimes you just want someone else to run a problem or idea past. Whatever your financial question, I will strive to find an answer or serve as a sounding board.