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Working Together for Your Best Outcome

" The Secret of Change is to Focus All of Your Energy,

Not on Fighting the Old, but Building the New.”



Mark Flowers


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Working with a divorce financial planner can significantly streamline the divorce process and put you on a more direct path to a sustainable financial future.

Divorce Related Consultations

During the divorce process I provide hourly consultations to help you:

  1. Gather relevant information 

  2. Establish financial independence 

  3. Provide financial coaching

  4. Understand marital and separate property valuations 

  5. Provide settlement proposals based on your goals

  6. Understand the child and spousal support landscape

  7. Complete relevant financial disclosures for attorney review 

I am able to work with individuals and couples, as part of an attorney team, or as an alternative to the traditional divorce process. 

All or some of the listed services are provided at an hourly rate.

Cost: $325 per hour

Wealth Management Related Services (After Divorce)

I am proud to work with clients in a more holistic capacity after the divorce is completed. In fact, it's where we are able to make the most progress because we build upon the information we have gathered during the divorce process, and implement strategies to accelerate an inspired transition into the next phase of your life. 

Wealth management combines financial planning and investment management. I believe that financial planning is integral to investment management. The recommendation of any financial solution or product requires the full understanding of a client’s financial universe. Therefore full financial planning is included in the fees I charge. 

Cost: Asset under Management Fee (AUM). I charge 1.18% annually for the assets I manage. The cost will incrementally reduce based on larger account sizes. The suggested minimum relationship is $500,000, but exceptions can be made on a case by case basis. 

There are a number of studies that attempt to quantify the benefit of working with a financial advisor. Vanguard calculates an advisors 'alpha', the added benefit of working with a financial advisor. Their research shows an advisor adding 4% a year, therefore after fees of 1% this is a net gain of 3%. Morningstar calculates a 'gamma'. This figure takes into account more areas that an advisor has impact and compares the outcome to what a 'naive' investor would do. Morningstar's gamma calculates that an investor using an advisor would have a higher income of between 22% and 31% depending on the extent of the advice given. You can view that report here.

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