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Elisabeth D.

Saturday’s presentation was incredibly informative and empowering, thanks to you, Gina & Vanessa :-)

Michelle R.

Being in the process of divorce (or even thinking about it) it's scary. A reliable source of information is crucial to feel empowered and make good, long-term decisions. Second Saturday opens a honest discussion so we can face our worst fears, have a plan, and understand how the divorce process works. Mark and Dana manage to be professional and share accurate and thorough information while understanding the turmoil, grief and deep challenges we are going through. I strongly recommend this workshop for anyone who needs information, hope, resources, a clearer picture or all of the above.

Sarah B. 

Attending the workshop has given me great knowledge and confidence in navigating a very complicated and emotional process for myself and my family. Mark and his team of therapists and attorneys gave a overview of details that were so insightful and helpful and felt that when the workshop was over I was feeling more postive and optimistic to the next steps. The resources and comfort that was shared by the other women was inspirational and felt at ease sharing my struggles and story. This was so helpful and I am grateful that Mark Flowers has created for the support in the community. 

Lisa M. MFT, Therapist

"I really appreciate and believe in what you are doing. I will definitely keep referring those who need assistance and want education and further understanding."

Doreen C.

Thank you for holding these workshops. They are a great resource for us women during this difficult time.

Sometimes all you need is a little support to climb that mountain.

Amy Laughlin, Family Law Attorney

“I think there is a lot of fear around divorce. Fear of uncertainty. Fear of what the future will bring. Fear of the process. I was fearful once, myself, when I went through the process prior to becoming a divorce attorney. No one can take away uncertainty about the future, but I learned I can help alleviate fear regarding the process of getting a divorce. Knowledge is power. And when I provide knowledge to people about the process, I can see some of their fear melt away. I love helping people in this way.”

on why she volunteers at Second Saturday:


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