Second Saturday TV

Divorce During Recession

3.26.2020    Posted by Erin Levine and Mark Flowers

Family law attorney, Erin Levine, and Second Saturday Leader, Mark Flowers discuss the health and economic fallout of the COVID19 crisis and how you can be better prepared during an economic downturn.

Protecting the most important assets:

Estate planning basics

5.1.2020    Posted by Rebecca L. Matthias and Mark Flowers

Estate planning attorney Rebecca L. Matthias and Second Saturday Leader, Mark Flowers do a Q&A on how to protect your most important assets (your health, children, and money) both during divorce and into the future

Do you understand basic tax terminology?

06.03.2019    Posted by Mark Flowers

Second Saturday Leader, Mark Flowers, reviews what areas of the tax return are relevant to divorce, and how to understand tax terms. 

Should I Keep the House?

06.03.2019    Posted by Mark Flowers

The marital home is a large family asset that needs careful consideration during dissolution. We review the things you should be thinking about. 

Separate Successfully.

5.22.2019    Posted by Mark Flowers

Divorce planning requires a strategy, even before you start the process. We review five ways to plan for separation. 

Overcoming fear: Running out of Money

4.02.2020    Posted by Mark Flowers

The largest fear of divorce transition is the fear of: Running out of Money. We review three tips to keep you focused on your transition plan. 

An intro to Hello Divorce.

10.25.2019   Posted by Erin Levine and Mark Flowers

Hello Divorce is an incredibly powerful DIY divorce navigation tool that can help keep costs down for couples willing to work cooperatively through divorce. 

What is Community Property?

2.15.2019    Posted by Erin Levine

Family law attorney, Erin Levine, explains what  community property is, and the considerations around how you value the marital estate.